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About the Gabbiano wedding company, find out all the details and the foundation of the company.

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Gabbiano wedding house
About fashion designersGABBIANO participates in international wedding exhibitions and our designers are constantly on the lookout for changes in wedding fashion, to keep our collections modern and top of the line. Trends are constantly changing, and our designers are keeping pace with the current fashion by using contemporary decoration methods and trendy fabrics.
Gabbiano wedding house
Fabrics and materialsCreating GABBIANO wedding dresses we use first-class fabrics and jewelry of exceptional quality, thereby visually distinguishing GABBIANO dresses from the competition and ensuring the longevity and resilience of our bridal gowns.
Gabbiano wedding house
Brand valuesOur creative director and leading fashion designer created the brand and unique style of GABBIANO. Each model puts an emphasis on the bride’s most distinguishing features and highlights their visually appealing attributes. For more than 10 years, the Wedding Fashion House GABBIANO has been creating amazing pieces - elegant wedding dresses that form the perfect image of the bride, emphasizing the dignity of each girl. In each region of our presence, we guarantee the highest level of quality and a wide range of models in different styles: traditional, classic and modern. For us, the greatest pleasure lies in finding the dress that fits your personality the most.
Gabbiano wedding house
TeamOur team meticulously designs and produces GABBIANO dresses, every thread and pattern are carefully thought through and placed in a way, so that every bride can feel special.

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